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Why choose an ashes into silver piece?

memorial jewellery 

What makes our ashes into silver pieces so special? 

For one they are ECO friendly. 

Most cremation ashes memorial jewellery is 925 silver and either made from resin of glass, we offer ashes into silver with our Hugo's heart and circle of love pendants to name a few (more out soon) the benefits of ashes into fine silver are many, you don't have any special care rules like you do with resin or glass and they are ECO friendly made from recycled silver. 

Your ashes into silver piece can be worn and never taken off if you don't want to take it off. You can wear it sleeping, bathing showering, in the sun on holiday keeping a little of your loved one close always without the worry it will damage if you don't take it off. 

Customers who have purchased will agree it has been a number one choice with them over the last year or so. Worry free jewellery. 

Ashes into fine silver is much purer than 925 silver, it is 99,9% fine silver, Your loved ones ashes are finely scattered through the jewellery and also uniquely imprinted into the top before the drying and firing process. After the drying process it is then sanded buffed and burnished to give it a shine. We have a few videos of the Hugo's heart pendant in our gallery.  

I have worn mine for a whole year and never removed it, it feels silky to touch and brings so much comfort. As it is also just silver with no colour it also complements whatever I wear. 

We also have a much faster turn around time for the ashes into fine silver because we make and lovingly handcraft the whole item inhouse from scratch, whereas some of our other pieces are bought in bases that we make the precious ashes stone with. 

So if you are like me and want an item that you can leave on please check out our ashes into silver, it will be an honour for me to make it for you. 

My warmest wishes 

Debbie at Sentimental keepsake xxx

ashes into silver


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