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Ashes jewellery - What makes us stand out? 3 reasons why to choose us.

Cremation jewellery and art 

So why would you choose Sentimental keepsake for your memorial keepsakes? 

1...Here at Sentimental keepsake you get a friendly personal service. I am a sole trader so you can be rest assured your loved ones ashes will only pass through my hands and not to someone in a large company whom you have never virtually met. I have known much loss and I understand that the grieving process for many of you, including myself is something that is not easy or quick. 

2...Many of my products show video, so why do I do this? Have you ever looked at a product on a nice immaculate background then seen the product on a customer photo or when it's back home and it has not been what you expected? be it memorial jewellery or any other online purchase? 

I too have lovely whited out background photos etc... but you can only truly tell what a product looks like by video, it is up close and personal with no fancy background, you can see it from all angles. 

The only thing that may differ slightly is your loved ones ashes, they differ in colour from white to black and all the in-between, although I do try and choose the whitest and most coarse grains for your jewellery. 

I am one of only a few businesses that provide product videos on items, I also have a video gallery so that you can see more about who I am also x  

We also now have a few ashes into silver pieces (more on the way) these are ECO FRIENDLY and made from recycled silver. You can also leave them on as they have no special care rules.

3... I have been entrusted for many years making for my lovely customers and am an established business, I have also taught many cremation jewellery makers who have amazing business of there own here in the UK and Europe too with my online courses. If you don't see anything that suits your style on my website, which I am sure you will, I would be happy to forward you onto one of my course members websites. It is not about competition with me it is about wanting my customers to have something special because they have lost someone close, memorial jewellery is personal and you have to fall in love with a piece, I completely understand that.

I have also been in your shoes and worried about sending my loved ones ashes to someone I didn't know enough about, wondering if they would treat my loved one with care like I do or just another ashes bag for the making tray inbox. 

It doesn't matter to me what my customers beliefs are, we all have different beliefs and have grown up in many different backgrounds, but personally I believe that there is a god and a heaven and that the spirit of loved ones may be around when I set jewellery. And I know it may sound strange to some but I do say a little prayer and ask them to help make it perfect.

Although I have a lot of beliefs I cant say that I am a practising catholic or Christian but I am a good person. 

This is what I call my heart business, it was started out of love and loss for my own loved ones so first and foremost for me it is the customer I care about. Which is also why I price my items as fairly as I can, read my values and pricing  here if you wish x 

Much Love 

Debs at Sentimental Keepsake. xxx



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