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The difference between glass domed, resin or fine silver signature collection

A memorial piece is something that we understand is going to be precious to you, sometimes it can be confusion what to go for so we hope this helps you decide. 

Resin - resin jewellery - our resin jewellery is epoxy resin with uv filter, (we do not use uv resin as it yellows). All resin jewellery over they years may slightly discolour no matter where you purchase it (please do your own research into resin) which is why we use a solid colour base mostly. Taking care of resin jewellery - it needs to be removed while showering, cooking, sun bathing etc... (no water) 

Glass domed - this is more scratch resistant than resin and harder wearing, It will still need removing as the above resin products. 

Fine silver signature collection ashes into silver - this is perfect for those wanting to leave on their jewellery at all times without taking it off, (with acceptation of corded)  it has no special care instructions - ashes are scattered into the fine silver before firing and they are also imprinted into the top. Most silver is 925 fine silver these have a purity of 99.9% silver. They are our signature collection. Classy cutting edge and durable time pieces. 

Gemstone - semi hidden gemstone and ashes is a perfect choice like glass a harder wearing option than resin and also comes with added benefits if you believe in the power of crystal healing. They are also very unique keeping your loved ones ashes close to your heart and visible to you only. 

We hope this helps you to decide, all keepsakes are made with love and care and a hug from me to you. 



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