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7 things to avoid when purchasing cremation jewellery - cremation jewellery

Deborah Towers

Posted on September 06 2018

cremation jewellery

This may be useful advice for those families wanting to purchase a special sentimental keepsake with their loved ones precious cremation ashes. From pet cremation jewellery to a loved family member. This can be a difficult time both emotionally and financially so at Sentimental keepsake you have our complete understanding. 

1.. know the company you choose 

Make sure you check a companies values and their about us page. You should be given information such as how long they have been designing keepsakes and if or not you feel they will have an understanding of your situation and the fact that what you are sending them is precious to you. You want to know that they will keep your loved ones ashes safe. please avoid companies with very limited information about who they are and process they use.

Are they fair with pricing? I know a lot about the jewellery industry, costs of materials labour etc... for me as a sole trader I price fairly taking into consideration the price of silver, time, website charges and other costs such as posting special delivery and packaging which is totally Free at sentimental keepsake. Our passion is people and our biggest consideration is not charging customers a fortune for their keepsakes while maintaining quality sterling silver products that are beautiful. We do not buy plated silver only sterling. 


2... No information on turn around times 

If a company promises you that your keepsake will be returned within a week then maybe this company is relatively new without many previous orders. Which is fine as even if they are new it is the creativity and the care the company takes that is what counts. So you need to make sure again that you check their values and about us page. Most companies are 3-6 weeks which is the norm, any longer then make sure they will be keeping in touch with you and that they make it clear that it is longer and have their turn around times clearly on their website. Avoid companies who tell you that they don't know when your keepsake will be ready. 

3... How to send cremation ashes and how you receive them back. 

Royal mail allows you to send precious cremation ashes. But please make sure that the company sends back your keepsake special next day delivery tracked and traced royal mail. Also A company should be asking you to send to them via special delivery. After all what you are sending is so precious. They should also be letting you know when they have received your precious loved ones ashes. 

how to send cremation ashes

4... Process and materials used

Please make sure a company lets you know what materials they use. You need to be assured that companies that use resin are using a crystal clear jewellers grade resin with UV filter. To produce crystal clear beautiful piece. As a highly skilled resin worker, I know working with this sticky slow curing substance can be a tricky skill to master from curing temperatures and times to using vacuum chambers. If not mixed properly with a correct ratio items will fail to cure. If you are purchasing glass make sure you go to a reputable company that is well known such as ashes into glass. There are others out there also who produce beautiful products just make sure you read up on them and make sure they are skilled and items are kiln anneal properly to prevent cracks later on. 

5...Companies who slander other companies directly or indirectly to get sales

This is not a business practice that we get involved with at Sentimental Keepsake. Many companies trying to directly or indirectly compromise other business and their lively-hood in my opinion should be ashamed. This can come in the form of cleverly written blog posts between other keepsake businesses or companies that either use resin or glass who try to downgrade the materials used thus making themselves out to be superior in what they do (both resin and glass if cared for properly will last a lifetime I have worked with both). I have known in the past of other business slander one another and their creativity and design. Stay away from such companies, the product that you get will not be any better crafted as this comes down to skill and creative imagination and after all it shows what type of person is making your keepsake. I have often recommended other keepsake artists if I can't produce what my customer wants and I will happily continue doing so. Pulling together to make someone something that is special to them at a time of upset is what it should be about. People should choose because they like a design or they like the values of a company or have known of someone who has purchased from the company before. 


6...Waiting over a week to reply to your emails

Any company should respond to your emails within a few days in my opinion. Most certainly a company that makes keepsakes and has your precious materials already. 

7...Phone contact 

If I were to purchase a keepsake myself I would make sure that the company were contactable via pone and not just email. For other businesses this is acceptable to just have an email and address but for this line of work I think that the company is one that you should be able to speak with if you so wish. 

So I hope this helps you with your decision making, there are many talented companies out there to choose from so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you find the perfect company to make you something special. 

Warmest wishes Always 

Debbie at Sentimental Keepsake 





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