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Cremation ashes in art - illuminated resin geode art.

Deborah Towers

Posted on October 26 2018

cremation ashes in art

Our illuminated geodes 

We introduced illuminated geode art as a beautiful alternative to cremation jewellery. Designed and created by Sentimental Keepsake you wont find anything like them on the market today. 

cremation ashes into art

Why ashes into art? 

We like ashes into art as some people are not jewellery wearers or have a fear of losing such precious jewellery. Art is also a great time piece for the whole family to seek comfort from and something that can be passed down the generations. 

It is simple, sparkly and something that you can place wherever you will see it most often. Many colour options and styles whether your loved one had a favourite colour or something that matches your own home decor the choice is up yo you. 

Pieces are all original and although can be recreated as closely as possible no piece will totally be identical.  

What is the process how do we make it?

We create the piece on wood making sure sides are taped up and sealed as resin is an extremely sticky substance when wet, the wood is sanded and primed with multiple coats. We then pour the first layer over day one along with the crystals and mirror glass and leave the piece to set. On day two we pour the colour and glitters again leaving it to set. On day three is little touch ups. 

When the piece is then purchased by our customer a small half of full teaspoon of precious ashes is then scattered over the crystals along with the illuminating glow and set. The whole piece will then have a flood coat of clear resin giving it a shiny glass like surface that can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. Ashes are not overly viz-able  from a distance but can be see up close and when the light goes out at night where the ashes are will glow. For a brighter glow you can hold up to the light for 10 seconds. The next day after the flood coat has dried we remove the tape, sand the sides and varnish them with clear varnish or paint, whichever is the style chosen. 

 Why we chose resin and wood over paint and canvas.

Resin is a wonderful product, it dries crystal clear and smooth like glass, it is much more difficult to work with than paint and you need protective clothing, gloves and eye wear whilst using it, but the best thing is that it can be wiped with a damp cloth and has a tough mirror finish.  We prefer to work on wood as resin is heavy and a canvas would sag, also with wood the pieces have a nicer look and feel for this type of keepsake. 

Imagery and videos. 

We take all of our own photo and video which is probably obvious ;) but we do our best. We take some photos with flash on as it shows up the sparkle better as these pieces depending on light can be very sparkly, although the flash makes the sparkle stand out it can darken the vibrant colours. So blues and greens for example are more brighter than they may look in some photos and different lighting. Which is why we take plenty. 

resin geode art

cremation ashes into art

Anyway thank you for taking time to read our little blog post, we hope you like our illuminated geodes. Please feel free to message if you have any questions. Always happy to help. 

warmest wishes 


SK xxx

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