Resin and glass domed breast milk jewellery

Breast milk keepsake jewellery

We have many beautiful breast milk pieces here at sentimental keepsake, each little memento tells it's own special story. 

We want to keep up with current trends in jewellery design and keep all pieces totally unique.

So I here you ask do I go for resin or glass and what is the difference. 

Resin breast milk jewellery

There is lots we can do with resin jewellery such as add birthstones and opal glow etc... We can also produce it at a more reasonable cost. If looked after resin jewellery can remain as beautiful as when it was first made. We also have perfected the art of preservation guaranteeing that your jewellery will not go mouldy and we use no other substitutes such as clay, sculpey or glue, it is your breast milk and our clear chemical preservative. You can read more on our blog - preserving breast milk as we are a company that doesn't keep our parents in the dark.  #howitsmadematters. 

Resin is essentially what most breast milk keepsake artists use including myself, it is an epoxy resin with hardener which is essentially a plastic substance.   So it needs to have special care instructions such as removing while showering and bathing, keeping away from sunlight and heat etc... If not taken care of it can scratch, and though it is water resistant it is not waterproof and if worn time over whilst, cleaning bathing and swimming it will become soft. 

Glass domed breast milk jewellery

We have now decided to add many more glass products fazing out some resin, we like the glass domes as they are made from tempered or toughened safety glass and provide a top to your jewellery that will not scratch or damage in the same way resin can if not cared for. (as we said re resin, this won't be a problem if looked after) but me personally I do forget to take it off from time to time. 

The glass also gives it a beautiful magnifying effect some domes are high some low they really are lovely, saying this you still must care for your glass domed style as again if immersed in water over and over etc cabochons are cemented in with epoxy and this will come loose over the years unless you are going for a filigree pendant which has prongs that wrap around your dome for extra protection. 

So anyway my lovelies this is the difference between glass and resin. hopefully in our little treasure chest of keepsakes you will find something perfect for you be it beautiful resin or glass domed. 

Feel free to keep updated on our Instagram channel  and stop by and say hi, always nice to chat with you. 

Much love 




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