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If you would still like Christmas delivery please enquire before ordering many bases ARE still in stock and some not. PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE till the end of December.
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Why I would choose a pure cremation. Thinking about our own mortality.

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Cremation choices

Thinking about our own mortality is something that I am sure many of us may struggle with or don't even think about. 

Upon reaching middle age :/ it is something that has been on my mind from the perspective of, any of us could suddenly depart this world at a moments notice. And having children who are now adults I wanted to sit them down and express what I would like and what I think would be the easiest option for them as individuals. 

The worst that could happen is that it had been a taboo subject and never spoken about and in the eventuality of it becoming reality, them not knowing what to do or being so panicked and sad that they can't think straight. I don't want that to be the case. I have sat one of them down and mentioned it in passing. "Mum I don't want to talk about that, you are still young" was the response. 

But I don't think it has much to do with age as many things in life can happen at a moments notice, even our own death.  So I intend to try talking about it again in a few weeks. 

So what is a pure cremation? it is a company I found online a while ago now specialising in cremations. in England Wales and Scotland, it is a direct cremation service, fuss free and enabling loved ones to say goodbye in their own way. 

From what I can see it has plenty of advantages. The cost is around £1,195 saving your loved ones a pretty penny so that is a worry less for them. 

They collect your body from the hospital or mortuary and transfer to the crematorium in a specialist ambulance. Then they home deliver your ashes to your loved ones to do with what they wish. I think I shall teach my girls how to make cremation jewellery or in fact I was thinking of making two art pieces ready made then teaching them how to incorporate the ashes themselves, an easier option for them with no jewellery making skills, plus knowing them jewellery would get lost. 

So I hear you say "what no funeral, won't that upset them?" 

No, knowing my girls quite the opposite, I think to have a funeral in a church, mourning etc.. would far more cause them distress than to take my ashes and have their own little farewell gathering on a day they choose with loved ones they feel comfortable around, in a setting that was more relaxed. (this is my personal choice of course and I understand we all have different views on the subject)

I want them to celebrate my life and know they will see me again and know I am always around them and close to them whether they see me or not. They can still get closure be it in a crematorium or somewhere else. The last thing I would want them to see is my coffin departing the room to go and be cremated. Personally this caused me a lot of distress at my own Mums funeral even though we were not that close as my girls and I are. I personally don't want that for them. So these are the reasons I choose a pure cremation. 

Not that I am planning on departing this earth anytime soon, but we can never take our own mortality for granted, you just don't ever know what tomorrow will bring. And I don't want to depart thinking that I had not expressed my wishes, leaving them in a place where they are grieving and not knowing what to do.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this too. 

Warmest wishes to you all 



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