breastmilk jewellery or breastmilk art

Breastmilk art or breastmilk jewellery keepsake? 

Equally as precious but what will you choose and why? 

Breastmilk in art 

Breastmilk art by the breastmilk artist  totally unique and new concept which may take a little getting used to. Created and originated here at Sentimental keepsake and the breastmilk artist. 

Art is a very unique way of keeping that memory of your precious breastfeeding journey forever, something you will visually see everyday and tells a story all of its own that is very special to you and your family. It can be passed down the generations and will never get lost or misplaced in the same way jewellery may. 

We have a number of styles from geodes on wooden panel, super sparkly and mirror finish made from resin. You even get a private short video of your milk going in. 

The breastmilk goddess art will be coming out in January/feb this is a selection of modern nudes, we love this concept celebrating not just your journey but the female form, we go through so much and should celebrate our bodies and what they go through. So where will the breastmilk part come in? we make a thin geode crystal film with breastmilk which gets placed around the sides of your piece ... Watch this space and keep up to date on our insta page. 

breastmilk art

Breastmilk jewellery UK 

Equally as beautiful, we have a few different designs, some seen before and some totally unique, a lovely way to keep that memory close to your heart. We have been preserving your breastmilk for many years now and each piece made fills us with warmth and a smile. Our jewellery also comes with a special treat for our Mums in the form of a letterbox gift, so not only do you get your special keepsake we also gift you with some sweet treats and some pamper treats, why? why not.... because sometimes Mums need a little pampering we totally get that here at SK. Mums often put themselves and self care last, this is our way of saying, set some time aside for YOU. 


breastmilk jewellery

Much love to you whatever you decide is right for you 

<3 xxx

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