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Choosing memorial jewellery - our different products.

Ashes jewellery 

We have many different styles when it comes to memorial jewellery. So will explain them in this blog to help you make an informed decision and choose something perfect for you. 

Fine silver cremation jewellery 

cremation jewellery Most silver is 925 sterling, our fine silver collection is 99.9% pure silver which is good if you have sensitive skin or want a product that you can leave on even while in the shower or swimming. (apart from bracelets need removing). A fine scattering of Precious ashes are encased inside the pendant and on the top of the pendant ashes are also imprinted almost like a unique fingerprint, they are a comfort to rub between your thumb and forefinger. We also supply chains FREE with all our pendants (unless specific offers). 

In this collection we also have day wear casual bracelets which I think are my favourite as I love a bracelet, we do these in lots of different colours. To clean your jewellery please just use a silver polishing cloth to rub it and it will come up as bright as new again. It is also adjustable with a sliding closure.
cremation ashes bracelet

Resin cremation jewellery 

Resin cremation jewellery used to be the only jewellery we sold. We now only have a few items that are made with resin such as charm beads and the brightest star in the sky heart pendant. Resin is a reactive intermediate that must be cured before your jewellery is ready to wear, resin jewellery is versatile in that you can add objects to it such as glitters and crystals etc... resin jewellery must be treated carefully when it comes to water and strong sunlight and removed before showers,  sunbathing, cleaning and baking etc... If looked after resin jewellery will be beautiful always. We also do courses in how to make this style of jewellery at keepsake boss. 

resin memorial jewellery

Glass domed memorial jewellery 

These are quite versatile little glass cabochons that are placed onto different jewellery settings with your loved ones ashes. You don't have to be as careful with them as you do with resin made jewellery but they still require you to take them off while showering, bathing, washing up etc... We have lots of different styles too. 

ashes jewellery

So I hope this enables you to make a decision in which style memorial jewellery you would like for us to make for you. It is always such an honour for us to make you and your families something special whether it is to pay tribute to a loved fur baby or family member. We care about the people who purchase from us not just the keepsakes we make. 

Much love



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