Cremation memorial ashes jewellery - about our jewellery and how to order.

Memorial jewellery made in the UK 

Here at Sentimental keepsake we like to give our customers a more one to one personal experience, we know first hand how it feels to lose family members and pets. My name is Debbie and I started making memorial jewellery many years ago now for my own personal loss and then started making for my lovely customers. Your loved ones ashes only ever pass through my hands as I work alone as a small sole trader. My business means the world to me and I wear my heart on my sleeve, each and every customer is treated with care and respect as I know that sending away precious ashes is a tough thing to do. 

I also price my pieces as affordable as I can as to me to charge the earth just feels morally wrong and I think it is important for people wanting a keepsake to be able to have one. We have seen copies of our work with a very high price, almost double which really saddens us. 

Memorial jewellery for pets 

This is how I started on my jewellery making journey after the loss of my pooch and I couldn't afford the prices that were around at the time so I learnt to make my own, to me losing a pet is the same as losing any other family member. They really capture our hearts don't they. 


Memorial jewellery for family 

I always have a message for my customers, and that is that your loved ones are very much with you regardless of any jewellery, I know you may not sometimes feel their presence but they are and they want you to have an amazing life and want the best for you. Personally I have privately spoke with many customers who have confided in me just because they may have wanted someone to talk to, I really do get how they feel, I lost my Mum to cancer and my Dad to suicide. We have to remember that grief has no time limits, everyone just expects us to be okay a few months on, be kind to yourself, it takes as long as it takes to start to feel a little better so make no apologies to people.  But always remember do little things everyday to make you feel a little happier, have a goal list or a dream to work towards, this would make your loved ones who have passed happy to see you happy, they wouldn't want to see you suffer because of their passing they want to see you thrive. 


Memorial jewellery with hair or fur

I don't have many of these on my website but any ashes memorial jewellery base you see I can do with hair instead so please just send a message, the pricing is the same. 


What is the process? 

From the moment you order, within a few days I shall send you out a little bag and a form with your order number on. I say a teaspoon of ashes, but half a teaspoon is fine as only a pinch goes into the jewellery, no need to fill up the bag. 

I advise that you send back to me special next day delivery royal mail as it is tracked and traced (silver sticker) signed for is not tracked (orange sticker) we also send your keepsake home special delivery too. 

If you are a non UK customer we don't send out little bags but you can pop onto the FAQ page and see how to send your precious ashes to me. 

When I have received the precious parcel I will send an email or text to you within a few days. You will have your own tracking number to keep an eye on too. 

I then start to work on your precious keepsake, I know a little strange but I talk while I am working, asking the loved one to help me make you something beautiful, it feels personal for me too to be making them and I am so honoured to do so. 

Keepsakes have a turn around time on listings but if I have the base in stock then turn around time may be a lot sooner. 

Sterling silver memorial jewellery 

Most of our cremation jewellery is sterling silver, we never use plated. We also include free 18" chains too. We also have fine silver jewellery too if you are looking for a keepsake that you can keep on even in the shower these are the pendants that are all silver such as the circle of love style. 


Sending home ashes jewellery 

Once your keepsake is made, it is boxed with love, we also include a few little treats and a poem for you to bring comfort. 

I hope that you will treasure your little keepsake and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to make it for you, a true honour it really is and I get it must have been a tough thing to do, but hopefully I will make it as easy as possible for you if you are considering ordering from me. 

Any questions please feel free to message me. 

Lots of love 

Deb's at Sentimental keepsake xxx


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