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How to make breast milk jewellery - how to preserve breast milk.

How we preserve breast milk 

Ingredients involved ... Just two. 

  1. Your breast milk 
  2. clear solvent 

Here at Sentimental Keepsake , we can ensure you that no other substance is added to your milk. We do not add clay, Sculpey, wax or glues to preserve nor do we directly mix resin with milk. It is your breast milk & preserving solvent only. It is very important for breast milk artists to get this part right as failure to do so can lead to your jewellery becoming mouldy. So we have worked very hard on perfecting our methods. And to put your mind at ease lovely Mums we have provided this process for you in pictures :) 

Step... 1 

Getting together all the things I need such as gloves, hob, utensils and more importantly my respiratory mask. Due to the chemical solvent being added. 



The clear chemical solvent is added to your milk that will preserve your milk and turn it into stone. You may see breast milk jewellery as a top-secret business where artists never give their methods away. But at here at breast milk art and jewellery, the secret is only in our jewellery and art design, which is unique to our brand.  

Which is why we are showing you our preservation methods, so you as the lovely customer know we only use your breast milk and no substitute. We use a syringe or pipette to put in our solvent. I hear you ask

"what solvent do you use in breast milk preservation?"

I do not tell people, not because it is a secret as you can do your own information gathering on google on chemical preservation, what i can tell you its easy to find and is a chemical often used in the preservation of anatomical specimens. The reason I don't name it is when I first experimented with the chemical I nearly ended up in the hospital due to chemical inhalation. I would not like to be responsible for any of you harming yourselves at my instruction from a caring and business position. 


Into our special pan goes your breast milk and solvent.

Step 4...

After 8 minutes or so your milk simmers down as it is the fats in your breast milk that are left to create the milk stone. 

It really is amazing to watch, I absolutely love this process and stage of making Mums their keepsakes. 


After 10 minutes, sometimes more, your breast milk is preserved and ready to be spread out onto the grease-proof paper or paper towel. Your breast milk order number stays with your breast milk throughout the process from intake to keepsake home-time, and I only work one preservation at a time. At this point, your breast milk is a soft very sticky consistency. 

After it comes out of our pan, it can literally start to harden straight away as in this photo. Or it can take much longer sometimes even up to a week to turn into stone. The colour of your breast milk stone depends solely on the fats in your milk. it has nothing to do with the colour your milk is when it is expressed. I have had very creamy yellow to brown breast milk dry chalk white, and almost transparent breast milk dry creamy yellow. It all depends. I have been asked, "what is your favourite part of breast milk jewellery making?" believe it or not it is actually the preserving faze. I find it fascinating to watch how it responds and reacts to the preservation method and how the finished milk stone will look, to me it is rather a beautiful thing. 

 Two different photo examples. 

Step 6 

Left to fully harden, this can take a few days or a week depending on factors such as weather temperature, also some milk samples remain a little tacky but I am still able to crush and layer it into your jewellery.  

(I will soon do a post on breast milk, as I have been asked many a time why does my breast milk look brown? I have even had breast milk with a green or a red/blue tint. Please don't be to alarmed, this can happen for various reasons such as diet and the foods you eat. I have also had Mums say "i don't like the idea of having a brown, yellow or green pendant even though it is special to me, "I want it white". Well we do colour-match the resin tint to your breast milk colour but in examples like this we will make the tint a more aesthetically pleasing colour for you, so please don't worry and the best thing is that it is still your breast milk inside although you may from time to time faintly see the darker fragments depending on how finely they grind down)


The milk stone is crushed down to form a powder-like consistency before it is made into your jewellery with resins to set it and keep it safe forever.

how to make breast milk jewellery 

We take pride in making all our pieces with love, it really is an honour for us and we appreciate each and every one of our customers. So you can see now that at Mum and Baby we really do perfectly and professionally preserve your own breast milk. 

Although there is no such thing as perfection when you buy handcrafted pieces from any Artist, resin sometimes set's with little bubbles etc... we love the little bubbles they make your piece unique. Besides unless under a magnifying glass you won't see imperfections. We deem all that we make as perfectly beautiful in its own right as it is sentimental and precious to you. We will do another blog soon with more steps. 

We hope you liked this explanation of breast milk preservation. We love customers to feel free to share. We do notice and appreciate it. 

We also sometimes pop in a little sample bag for our Mums of their preserved milk, subject to if we have enough. 

Much Love 


sk... XXX

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