It is with great sadness in our hearts we are taking a weeks compassionate leave for a week, I am still taking orders and making keepsakes so please bear with me. I may not be as quick to respond to email. My warmest wishes to you all.
It is with great sadness in our hearts we are taking a weeks compassionate leave for a week, I am still taking orders and making keepsakes so please bear with me. I may not be as quick to respond to email. My warmest wishes to you all.
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How to make cremation jewellery - why I decided to teach others my trade.

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how to make ashes jewellery
Well where do I start, I have so much to say on this topic. I started my journey making cremation jewellery a good number of years ago now. A number of reasons put me on this beautiful path. 
1... I have suffered a lot of loss of loved ones in my own life, when my pooch Arnie passed away, I was give back his precious ashes and wanted a piece of jewellery made. I searched around and could find nothing that suited my budget. That is when I got to thinking i'd like to try and learn how to make my own, as I had a knowledge of jewellery making but not with ashes. I researched and tried a number of various methods until I finally mastered how to make things. Sure at first I had a lot of failed attempts but I got there in the end with a little persistence and willpower, which brings me onto number
2... The persistence and willpower  drove me as I had never been happy working for other people, for a number of reasons, I didn't have a great educational background so my jobs were limited. Health, I have high blood pressure on exertion and a heart problem so that was also an issue, but it didn't really bother me to much to be honest, my biggest bother was office politics and gossip and bitchiness in the work place, not directed at me but at others. I just really hated it, kindness was kind of out of the window, this I experienced in nearly every work place so I know a few or many of you probably feel the same. It wears you down and you are  like "why can't people just be kind towards each other and support one another without tearing each other down all the time?"  
Why have I decided to share my trade? 
This is also for a number of reasons
1... Because I know there must be a number or people out there who would just love to have something special but can't bring themselves to part with their loved ones ashes, I totally get that I really do. I really feel for those people and why wouldn't I help and share my knowledge if it is used to help someone else create something that will bring comfort. Why are we here? if not to support one another and help in some small way. 
2... Because I think back to how I felt working for others, in a job where I was really unhappy and thought OMGGGG is this how the rest of my life is going to be until I retire? haha. I am in my 40s now so it's never to late. I want you lovely people out there to realise that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. But sometimes it takes that one person to remind you of this or put that little seed of hope and optimism back into your life. 
Plus when I wanted help and advice on making things or business and technical stuff every door was closed on me, no one is interested in helping. The odd one maybe but mostly in my experience not. 
Of course it has not all been easy and working for yourself is sometimes living hand to mouth and the keepsake world can be a little viscous when it comes to competition. You will see many nasty blog posts with keepsake makers trashing other keepsake makers and their techniques etc... I luckily have not had any nasty comments (that I am aware of ) but I am sure putting courses out there will rub a few up the wrong way, but hey ho I keep myself to myself with the attitude of - others opinions of me are none of my business and nasty comments can only get me down if I let them.
I wish everyone well in this hard world because if they have made something and built a business then no matter what they have created they have done well and should be proud of themselves.
Sometimes I think I live in dream land with my head in the clouds to think that it would be nice if everyone could be happy for others and celebrate their successes wishing them well not tearing them down. Saying that I have had a few conversations with a number of really lovely ladies who make keepsakes and have business similar to mine. 
So I guess what I am trying to say in a long winded way is that if I can help someone to gain knowledge and find a career path and get them believing in themselves then doing these courses will be amazing, amazing to watch someone grow see their journey, see a smile and feel so proud I was able to support and help them get there. As I said before WHY ARE WE HERE? 
Which is another reason that all my course members will belong to a private Facebook group where they can share their work if they wish and get a community of keepsake makers  all talking to one another and helping support each other so no one needs to have an experience of loneliness while trying to build a business if it is a business you are wanting the course for. If not and it is just for family keepsakes and keepsakes for yourself and a new therapeutic hobby then it will be beneficial to all. And I so look forward to seeing you there, chatting with you and seeing what you create. 
Much love 
sk xxx

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