Every keepsake made tells it's own beautiful story. Deal with one person for a personal service from start to finish


With every order, we like to give our lovely customers a free gift to show our appreciation and gratitude for choosing Sentimental Keepsake to make their special keepsake. 

When you place your order please add an item from this collection to the basket., but you can keep for yourself or give as a gift to another. We also have little bedside/pocket ashes, hair/fur  bottles in a colour choice or to match your keepsake. 


from time to time we become out of stock on certain freebies such as earrings or nail files so we will pop you in an alternative. 

Please note the free gift needs to be added when you place your order or popped on a note in with your precious materials if you forget. If it just emailed we may be unable to find the request. 

If you would like to see regular updates and enter competitions we hold from time to time to win a keepsake then please feel free to join us on our Facebook page 

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