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Breast milk jewellery

Breast milk keepsakes 

On-trend, stylish and unique jewellery, we are also the original creators of breast milk geode art and oyster pearl on wooden panels the mother of all keepsakes with a whole lot of sparkle for a keepsake that can be passed down the generations from the amazing breast milk artist - see the art page. 

Please go to the FAQ page to see how to send your precious breast milk. 

Breast milk preservation 

We also have our breast milk jewellery preservation powder out now and our resin  breast milk jewellery making courses if you want to learn jewellery making yourself. 

We will also soon be doing more letter box gifts for you to gift to a precious new Mum friend. 

All our Mums get a surprise keepsake gift  thank you gift too for purchasing from us. 

We have glass or resin jewellery keepsakes.  I have a number of years of experience and skill in preserving milk and perfected my technique to bring Mums something special. To see how I preserve your Milk please see the blog here. 

Keep up to date Mummas with videos art  and products on our Instagram channel here  we welcome you <3. 




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