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thoughtful letterbox gifts

I love you lots like jelly tots - pamper spa letterbox gifts for a friend - included is the postage (bestseller)

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Thoughtful gifts for friends 

Omg..... this cute box has to be a favourite I personally love it. It has fab packaging as that counts too, It's a pink box pink tissue with a quality poster that reads I love you lots like jelly tots... super cute, it is closed and sealed with a cute sticker that reads - its the little things.

So what's in the box I hear you say? well we have jam packed it with treats without a spare space anywhere.

1...Jelly tots (of course :) )

2...2 white chocolate stars with a card that reads - friends are like little stars ... you don't always see them. But you know thy are there.

3...a choice of home oil burner sizzler (simmering granules) make your home smell amazing and cleaner than wax melts

4...2 strawberry chocolate hearts ... yummy

5...a jazzy mini nail file

6...a collagen lip mask

7... a collagen crystal gold eye mask

8... a nifty little eyebrow or fine hair trimmer

9... a positive quote bookmark (quotes vary but always positive :) )

10... a twining's black tea with a card that reads - With a cup of tea in hand, anything is possible. We will enjoy one soon over a good catch up.

11...a little wallet/purse size card that reads - true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, bright and beautiful and always in style xxx

12... the best bit, your personal note, we have no limits on how much you want to write or how little it's personal for your friend. We will pop it in a cute little envelope too. When you order we will email or text you for this, 

13... a quote card that reads  - life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But by the moments that take our breath away - beautiful quote by Maya Angelou. 

Everyday I wrap and send these little gifts is like Christmas, and really warms my heart to make. So I would love to know what your friend thinks if you have the time, it means a lot. xxx

Lastly please make sure the shipping address is your friends if it is going to your friend.

Please NOTE - I always usually get boxes out the next day or before the estimated dispatch date (1-2 business days ) first class and I take a video of posting , in some areas they get there as quick as next day and some unfortunately can take longer in other areas due to posties being off or sick so please bear with me and know that from my end it always goes out before time. xxx