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rainbow bridge pet loss gift

The rainbow bridge sentimental letterbox gift - pet loss.

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pet loss gift 

This sweet letterbox thoughtful gift will be a lovely gesture for a friend who is suffering the loss of a pet.

When my own pet passed away in 2020 this year the rainbow bridge poem brought me so much comfort and were just the words I needed to give me a little hope.

To many the loss of a pet is unbearable just in the same way as it is for those losing human family members, for some that is hard to understand but at Sentimental keepsake we totally get it and if you are buying this for your friend then we know you get it too.

If you want to know the story behind prezzies for friends and the rainbow bridge box - see here

Prezzies for friends started with this box and is now Hugo's legacy.

What is in the gift box?

lemon heart bath bomb fizz

A laminated Rainbow bridge poem that they can frame and keep by the bed if they wish.

over the rainbow oil burner sizzler (simmering granules) smell beautiful A fresh invigorating top note of blood orange, mandarin and neroli is supported by a heart of yellow freesia, Osmanthus and peach, resting on a sensual base of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Some night time organic sleep tea to promote sleepiness as we know that night times are sometimes the hardest, the tea also has a little card with it. That reads - Some tea to soothe you to sleep at night and a biscuit for you to dunk. I hope this tea will help you sleep as i know it will be hard. I hope you eat the biscuit to keep up your strength. I'm sending LOTS of hugs to you xxx

Black everyday tea to accompany the biscuits.

Some lovely border biscuits or border biscuits - vary

love heart sweeties

Sweet or savoury treat - pick n mix or pretzels - pick n mix includes - gummy bears - jelly beans - fried eggs - marshmallow - foam hearts - strawberry puffs.

A little key ring with Rainbow charm and a star, it reads "wait for me at the rainbow bridge"

two choc stars with a card that reads, friends are like stars , you don't always see them but you know they are there.

A little twirl chocolate bar with a card that reads - Friends are like fancy chocolate, it's what's inside that makes them special xxx.

A lapis Lazuli crystal point pendant card that reads - Lapis Lazuli, The friendship stone, truth wisdom inner peace.

A personal note from you. We will text or email you for this when you order

Please make sure the shipping address is your friends address as we will send it straight to them from you, we do not include the invoice or cost so don't worry.

The gift will be posted out within 1- 3 business days 1st class and straight through their letterbox with love from you.

I also run a gift the giver competition at the end day of every month where I put all customers from that month into a draw and I gift a giver a surprise box should they win. This is something I like to do to show my own kindness and appreciation which is why I started this business ... much love. xxx

click here To see a blog about the box and how prezzies for friends started with Hugo's legacy.