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Geode art 

We are the original company to design the illuminated geodes with precious ashes. These spectacular art time pieces are a beautiful tribute to your loved one.

We decided to design these art works as many people wanted something for the home that all members of the family could seek comfort from. If you like a little sparkle or your loved one did then these are the perfect keepsake for you. 

They are contemporary and modern, super sparkly with enticing rich colours, Swarovski crystals, glitters, glow and glass. (to see how we make it please click here

These are not created with paint on a canvas but with many layers of resin and pigments and skill that I have developed over a long time. Which is why it has a surface that is wipe able with a glassy mirror finish. 

Art panels will be made from wood. These pieces take us a number of layers of resin and curing and approximately 3 - 7 days to make each one depending on the size.

At the moment the turn around time for an art work is 2-3 weeks.  

This would also make the most perfect gift for a loved one. Ashes are sprinkled over the crushed glass and set forever with glow added so you can see them when the lights go out for a while. Ashes are ever so slightly seen but blend in well, you will know where they are as the glow is set over them, also if you hold a magnifying glass over the art you can very visibly see them. We only add a small teaspoon of your loved ones ashes to the art. 



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