Geode art with cremation ashes - Blue ocean

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Art with cremation ashes

This lovely resin geode art sculpture measures approx 8" x 10" and comes on an iron stand. It is built up of glassy smooth resin, 3 layers, when purchased a 4th layer of clear is added along with your loved ones precious ashes sealing them forever. 

Ashes are added around the inside edge of the gold stones on the blue round the outside and again where the centre gold stones are. Once they have been sealed they will be visible without changing the look of the piece to much. They will be smooth to the touch and the piece can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

Glow will also be added to the piece so that it illuminates at night. For a brighter glow simply hold to the light (not touching) for 10 seconds. 

It has blue colour pigment dyes with gold stones and blue and gold glitters. It also has crushed mirror fragments that will catch the light. 

This makes for a tribute piece that will be with you always. Ashes required 1 teaspoon please see FAQ page for sending info. 


Instructions for care...

keep out of direct sunlight 

wipe clean with a damp cloth no sprays

keep away from heat and flame.