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Precious art - with cremains

Keepsakes made with ashes 



WOW welcome to this special page, these keepsakes are one of a kind and originally created and invented by Sentimental keepsake for ashes or the breast milk artist for breast milk. We especially prefer an art keepsake as they will never get misplaced lost or caught like jewellery can, there is nothing quite like these precious geodes or beach art especially if you like a bit of eye catching sparkle, we can even add glow at night that is only viable in the dark with the ashes. 



Stunning time piece art that can be handed down the generations, we can make this beautiful pieces with either precious ashes which are scattered over the acrylic and mirror glass crystals or the sand and shell area and then sealed forever with a clear top coat of resin. 

Breast milk 

Alternatively with dried crushed preserved breast milk scattered and sealed into the crystal for a memory that will last a lifetime of a special bond and beautiful journey. 

These are totally unique and made with lots of sparkle that catches the light. Resin unlike canvas art can be wiped clean and will stay beautiful for years to come with a shiny smooth mirror surface. 

Perfect for those wanting a tribute for the whole family or something for your own bedroom wall that you can see. 

For ashes we only need a teaspoon

for sending materials please see FAQ page

(if you would like to buy the art without ashes or breast milk the price is 10% off please ask) 

We will be eventually scaling down our large jewellery collection and making more art keepsakes in the future. 


PLEASE NOTE - take measurements before ordering as we scale up in images so they can be seen more clearly so please make sure you are happy with the size, if you are wanting bigger or smaller we can also do commissioned art pieces too.