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Ashes into art

Ashes into Art incorporates a small amount of cremation ashes into colourful conceptual artworks.
Having an art piece in your home is something the whole family can seek comfort in. It will remind you that your loved one is always present. A unique memorial tribute to your loved ones for your family.  Even when the light goes out at night the piece will still have a presence as it illuminates in the dark, which many find a great comfort. (illumination is only added if requested) 
The artwork is vibrant to create a feeling of love, hope, good memories and a celebration of your loved one's life. A beautiful tribute that can be passed down for generations to come. Ashes can only be seen or felt when up close. We also understand that people may want a tribute painting, but loved ones are buried, we can offer the same techniques used to solidify the ashes, using fine strands of hair as an alternative. Again will only be visible up close to the artwork.  



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