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Gemstone Stacker Bracelets

This Breast Milk jewellery collection is exclusive to Sentimental Keepsake and you "won't" find a keepsake quite like it. It's All about the bracelet. Doing extensive research into popular trends in woman's jewellery, we discovered that the bracelet is something many women own, usually from those top brands we all know and love such as Tresor, Swarovski, Pandora and Thomas Sabo. So we decided to come up with our very own range, only with this collection you get something extra special added.
We are number one in the world to create such a  wide selection of stylish breast milk bracelets of this type. We sell another beautiful breast milk jewellery but Sentimental Keepsake will be known for its breast milk energy bracelets first and foremost.
  Every DNA artist has a signature product by which their customers identify their wonderful brand, be it cute charm beads with hearts and stars, beautiful breast milk pearls or breast milk flowers. We deem this wonderful collection of lustrous semi-precious gemstone, Swarovski pearls and Swarovski crystals to be ours. We are sure you will fall in love with this breast milk jewellery collection just as much as we have. Truly unique. A first on the keepsake market of its style. With fashion forward thinking and on trend style these little bracelets are a must have. Wear them smart or casual and fully adjust them to suit your wrist size. Also available in a stretch which is very on-trend We also like this collection because it is such an easy piece to wear without high maintenance or fiddling about.
The stretch Collection also comes in various different sizes and with the choice of a lovely sterling silver dangle for your precious breast milk dome or a sterling silver capped breast milk bead. We have a stretch bracelet on our youtube channel for you to see. And we use the best strongest stretch cord on the market today. Although we don't suggest stretching it as we did in the video that was just to show strength. 
We also have an added bonus to the stretch style in this collection, if you ever decide as most of us woman do that we want a change, we offer a bracelet restringing service, just simply send back your breast milk bead or dangle (keep the beads from the original bracelet as you have purchased these) choose a bracelet that you like in another colour, pick restringing option in the drop down menu. And your new style shall be created. 
Some people hold the belief that semi-precious gemstones (energy stones) are beneficial giving the wearer a certain energy be it positivity, strength or love etc... So we have put a gemstone meaning on each product.  
The stacker set
This style is simply unique, with a mix of 8mm gemstones in one bracelet and 6mm gemstones in the other. Wear them singular or stacked together. They also come in a beautiful suspended display case... Wow, our packaging really is something truly different. And different is how we like to be known 
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