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Breast milk jewellery  and art keepsakes

More selection coming out in the next few days week as we are rebranding our breast milk jewellery

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Turn around time is 3-4 weeks from when I RECEIVE precious liquid love. I will send out you beauties a kit when you order if in the UK. 

BREAST MILK IN ART - Wow what can I say? Mum's this is a new era in breast milk keepsakes, if you are looking for something a little more unique to remember your breastfeeding journey that wont get lost or damaged then look no further we certainly are unique with art keepsakes brought to you by the breastmilk artist it began with us. 

Our breast milk jewellery - it's super cute and stylish, made especially for YOU with your breastmilk we have been trusted in making breastmilk jewellery for a number of years now. 

We also run courses teaching to make it. Where we have seen many business grow into successful keepsake companies. 

 We have a page in the footer menu of business we recommend too, Such as other keepsake makers, post partum gifts and diy kits. 

Much love to you all 

The breast milk artist xxx