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Breast milk jewellery - NEW unique styles

Hi beautiful Manmmas, I  have decided to bring back breast milk jewellery as it has been requested so much by past customers. I had taken a break due to many orders on the memorial side, but I now have admin help so the breast milk artist is back yayyy I have missed you all <3. Being unique is important to us as a business, so we have a number of jewellery items that are a little more unique, such as the glass-domed jewellery which is popular due to the fact it is tougher than our resin items. and the breast milk into silver pendants which can be worn in the shower bath or hot sun which is appealing to many of our customers. and is a totally NEW concept designed by Sentimental keepsake which you won't find anywhere (as yet) your precious breast milk is preserved and dried and added to the fine silver before firing, it is then buffed and polished to make it nice and shiny. Pop it on and leave it on, not having to ever remove it. 

Please note if you see a jewellery base on the ashes page that you prefer then I can do this with breast milk too xx

We also do breast milk jewellery-making courses (resin only). If you want resin items with a little more classic style I have a number of course members with successful branded businesses I can point your way. 

We also make our preservation powder in-house, which is also available if you want to preserve your own precious breast milk. It is made using safe food grade and lotion grade preservatives unlike old unsafe methods like formaldehyde. 

Breast milk jewellery is a beautiful way of capturing your breastfeeding journey forever and it is an absolute blessing for me to make it for Mammas in honour of all the hard work they put in, our jewellery is a joint effort YOU AND I.