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Breast Milk Jewellery


At Sentimental Keepsake, we hope you will love this little breast milk jewellery collection, we take pride in the pieces not only being a precious memory and a keepsake but also a brand known for it's subtle elegant and aesthetically pleasing style. We are all for modernising breast milk jewellery at sentimental keepsake so we have also introduced the pretty ombre collection in pink or blue. 

These Breast milk & sterling silver necklace and rings signify an unbreakable bond that a mother and child shared in those early months and years an important moment frozen in time to be remembered for many years to come.

They will also make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a partner or family member, something different. 

Made with love and hard work by you, and crafted with love by us. 

We go to great lengths to professionally and chemically preserve your own breast milk.

Breast milk preservation for jewellery 

At Sentimental Keepsake we don't believe you Mums should be kept in the dark about how their own breast milk is preserved. So we have provided our lovely customers with this information about our tested preservation methods here.

We also keep your remaining milk for 3 months for you. 

 We show our products in close up and many products now have a video link, we find it helps to see the product in a little more detail. 

We can also add other materials such as dehydrated placenta, hair, dried umbilical cord fragments, gold and silver leaf etc.. you will find these in the drop-down menu in the product descriptions.  (if you don't see them in options please send us a message)


Please could you let us know when you order when you will be expecting to send your milk to us. When we receive we will contact you to let you know it has arrived safe. 

 Full sending guide on our FAQ page.





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