Cremation gifts

cremation ashes gifts jewellery

Must see the videos to gauge the true beauty of these (full screen)

Wow what can I say about this collection, the collection above all others. A forever memento that can be passed down the generations and something for the whole family. Glorious colours and super sparkle. The perfect gift with real presence. 

You can even design your own and we will make it for you. 

A variety of inclusions in each one from sparkling Swarovski crystals, healing gemstones, crystal points, a lot of glitter and a photo if you wish.  

If you also wish to add a lock of hair that is fine too. My own one has ashes, and a lock of hair from everyone close to me along with a little of my own. 

How are they created? 

Each Pyramid takes approximately 3 days of resin layering and drying to form a shiny solid heavyweight pyramid. 

You can choose from our pre designed ones or create your own, see on products. Two sizes to choose from, Medium or Large. 

How to care for and keep

The pyramids just need a wipe over with a damp (not wet) cloth then use a dry cloth to polish it off once in a while. It would be suited for a glass cabinet with overhead lighting if you want it to look super sparkly. I have mine on my bedside table.

Do not place in direct hot sunlight or near flame and radiators etc... 

We only need 1-2 teaspoons of ashes, you can of course have mixed ashes from more than one loved one or pet. Please see the FAQ page for sending ashes. Please keep away from children as these pyramids are heavy and sharp. 

We are doing these at an introductory heavy discount price for the next month they will then be going up due to the sheer volume of product used to create them. Our agates are a little more as the agate stone is large.