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People have different styles and different favourite colours, so we have decided to let you take part in designing your own special memorial to your loved one. 

These stunning Pyramids are heavyweight (the large) and sparkly 

This is at an introductory offer heavy discount price for the next month and will be going up due to the sheer volume of product used to create this piece. 

These take several days to make and many layers of resin. 

This large is a very heavy piece which is sharp so please bear that in mind where to put it when you purchase, it would make a nice table centre piece or especially nice in a display case with overhead lighting to bring out the sparkle even more. 

MEDIUM - The base is 11x11cm the height is 12cm. If you would like a photo, please send two copies we will return unused. Please make sure the photo is no bigger than 8x8cm you can trim it down if needed or smaller. 

LARGE - You also have an option to have the large pyramid in this style which is 14x14cm the height is 16cm. If you would like a photo, please send two copies we will return unused. Please make sure the photo is no bigger than 13x13cm you can trim it down if needed. If you choose the large it has an extra 3 layers including another ashes layer (large is in images, medium stops 3 layers up from the bottom. 

We can also add a lock of hair for you on the base if you would like for free. 

Taking care of your keepsake, please wipe clean with a damp (not wet) cloth and keep it away from radiators and flame and preferably not in the direct sunlight. 

This would make a beautiful thoughtful forever gift that can be in the family for generations to come. It really is one of the most special things on this website. please see the FAQ page for sending precious ashes we need 1-2 teaspoons only. 

How do do it ...

Step one ... 

The Pyramid has 9 layers in total for large and 6 for medium

Go to the chart page and choose 3 mica powder colours for large or 2 mica colours for medium, and 3 glitter colours for large, 2 for medium (I create my own using 2 glitter colours even in the large so you can do that too, so I have two matching layers and one different) it is totally up to you. 

Step two

Choose your plaque option or we can create it without

Step three

choose your gemstones (with Swarovski crystals we colour match those to your pyramid)

step four - 

choose a mica powder for the translucent layers that will have the ashes - we do this as a very light tint so you can see them. 

Step 5... write down how you want your pyramid to look, example below is from the blue and gold we made

Clear top layer - sodalite gemstone, Swarovski crystals, quartz crystal point

Second layer - ice blue mica

Third layer - champagne gold glitter

fourth layer - ashes layer with ice blue mica 

fifth layer - sapphire blue glitter

sixth layer - ice blue mica with white pearl mica to make a lighter shade


seventh layer - ice blue mica

eighth layer - champagne gold glitter 

ninth layer - ice blue mica - translucent for ashes. 

Bottom - photo or no photo. Lock of hair or fur - yes or no

Please note - if we have permission from you we may photo and use your colours as a pre designed pyramid, if we would like to do this we will let you know and ask your permission, you will also get to name your own pyramid on the website if we use the design. 

Pop this all down like this example written in capital letters for me, as if you are anything like me I have doctors handwriting. Send the note into us along with your precious ashes, we only need 1-2 teaspoons any left we send home, turn around is 2 weeks from when we receive precious ashes.