Turn around time 3-6 weeks possibly sooner. Deal with one person from start to finish for a personal service, made with love . x


cremation jewellery

cremation ash charm bead

Special offer ends 24/08/18 a free keepsake... heart in a stand to match your heart charm, any colour. 


Every precious cremation charm bead tells a story that is personal to you, a cherished memory of a loved one who still watches over you. (and they really do)

I often wonder, as I am carefully setting your loved ones ashes into a design what that story is who they were and what they were like, it really is as emotional for me to make as it is for you to receive.

We find it a great honour that our customers have chosen us to make something that is so special and precious to them.  

These charm beads also come in cool little display stands that make them look as if they are floating in mid air. 

Please remember that when you purchase we have a free gift page too, you are welcome to choose one with your keepsake. 

(our photos are of real products no special effects no computer generated images or Photoshop and no fancy camera, just a simple phone camera and up close views so that you can see the genuine product) 


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