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Breast Milk Charm Beads.

Breast milk keepsake charms 


A unique collection for unique Mums just like you. We have designed this collection to be vibrant arty and colourful, with stunning semi precious gemstones which all have their own little meanings, history and energies little charms with their own story and added with your own little story too. 

We are inspired by creativity, colour and originality each bead we make is special to you, it is made with love by you and crafted with love by Sentimental Keepsake & daughters a small family business that understands the bonds between mother and child. 

We now have solid silver branded cores which we just love. As Sentimental Keepsake is our brand and your keepsake is sentimental. 

We also charge no extra fees for Mums wanting to add their child's lock of hair, umbilical cord fragments or dehydrated placenta, at Sentimental Keepsake we add these free of charge. 

These little treasures also make for a sentimental and thoughtful gift for a partner loved one, friend or family member as they also come packaged in lovely display packaging that makes the keepsake charm look as though it is floating in mid air. 

We have free gifts too when you purchase a charm including a little breast milk keepsake bottle which I know some Mums like to wear the charm and use the display stand to put the bottle in and save it for their child when they are older or gift it to a grandparent. Please see on the gift page and make sure you add to your cart. please don't worry if you forget, simply add a note in when sending your milk. 

All sending information can be found on the FAQ page here. 

Breast milk preservation for jewellery 

At Sentimental Keepsake we don't believe you Mums should be kept in the dark about how their own breast milk is preserved. So we have provided our lovely customers with this information about our tested preservation methods here.

We also keep your remaining milk for 6 months for you. 

Please could you let us know when you order when you will be expecting to send your milk to us. When we receive we will contact you to let you know it has arrived safe. 


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