LOVELY SMALL GLITTER DROPS - sparkle colour choice - SEE VIDEO (resin) option - one or two pendant offer

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Cremation Ashes Jewellery


Free matching heart for a limited time with glitter drops medium or small pendants. Please make sure you go to the FREE GIFT page and add this to the cart as your free gift as we don't automatically add it. 

These sweet little glitter drops are super sparkly but also subtle, the glitters look stunning against the black base and come in an array of pretty colour choices for you.  This pendant is a lovely way to remember your loved one. It is petite and one of our favourite pendant bases. Handcrafted with love and care, ashes are placed grain by grain into the jewellery and sealed forever making for a truly special little keepsake for you. We would be honoured to make it for you in remembrance of your loved one.

Size - 15x8mm

shape - small teardrop 

Chain - 18" sterling silver 

metal - sterling silver

To see how to send precious ashes please go to the FAQ page 

Please note in the menu is also an option for two pendants for you at a reduced cost, we can only do the offer for two maximum. 

All that is needed is a small teaspoon as only a pinch of precious cremation ashes goes into your jewellery. We don't send out packs as this delays the process and all that is needed is a little clear bag and envelope. 

Turn around time 3-7 weeks from when we receive precious ashes, If our silver designers have stock already made of the silver base at time of purchase then your order will be within 2=3 weeks if it needs to be made then up to 7 weeks as we do not stock a large amount of silver bases as we are only a small business