ashes into silver
Morse code family bracelet, fine silver circle of love  -  10mm - adjustable ... any name i.e. Mum Dad

Morse code family bracelet, fine silver circle of love - 10mm - adjustable ... any name i.e. Mum Dad

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Cremation jewellery

Personalised just for you and totally unique to the SK brand 

Resin, glass domed or fine silver signature collection? can't decide see here 

This absolutely beautiful fine silver disk is as pure as it gets, most silver is 925, sterling this is 99.9% fine silver and durable so you can wear it everyday and in the sun unlike resin or glass keepsakes (please note unlike resin you can get this wet and wear it in the sun .... but please don't bath with it on as it is corded, should you wish never to take it off then we offer a restring option should one ever be needed at £14.00) If you love Sabo or tresor Paris style you will love SK too. 

This bracelet is MUM on both sides of the circle of love ashes disk.  When I send our your form please write the FAMILY MEMBER you would like. ie Mum, Dad, brother sister, nan, grandad, son, daughter. 

the beads are teal and pale gold/beige (if you would like other colour please contact me and I can discus options with you)


 ashes into silver it is also ECO FRIENDLY 

We also have the matching 10mm pendant on another listing, please let us know if you want the pair and i can pop a 10% discount on for you. 

AND FROM THE 9/05/21 THIS WILL BE ON A FAST 8 to 14 DAY TURN AROUND UNLESS ORDERING WITH LONGER TURN AROUND PRODUCTS. (from when we receive precious ashes dependant on order volume around busy season, we get busy from October so possibly a week longer ) 

Approx.  10mm

The imprint is unique to your loved one, like a fingerprint, how coarse or fine ashes are will be how deep the imprint is. 

Your precious loved ones ashes are finely sprinkled throughout the disk and then indented into the surface for a classy modern hammered look. It is a piece of jewellery that will go with everything. We call these the feel-able keepsake, they are nice to touch and rub feeling the imprint and surface more so than other jewellery such as glass or resin. Personally for me I find it a comfort.   

If worn and never taken off it will remain as shiny as the day it was made, if you take it off just gently polish with a silver cloth once in a while. 

It has been handcrafted from start to finish, polished and buffed and ready for you to wear. 

Clasp is a slider sterling silver ball closure, and beads are also sterling silver. 


 When you order we will send you out a kit and form if you are in the UK if abroad please see the FAQ page on how to send precious ashes.