Memorial jewellery Ashes, hair, fur

cremation ashes jewellery 

Every piece of cremation ashes jewellery or art will be handcrafted with love and tells its own little special story that is personal to YOU. I started this heart-warming business when I suffered a loss and found the prices were beyond my means, so I decided to make a collection that was just as beautiful and affordable for all. I also teach others to make memorial jewellery too with my online courses and have many go on to starting their own beautiful memorial jewellery business for only £10.99 in January/February or to make their own keepsake (see products)  

The reason we are able to bring beautiful pieces at affordable prices is that we are a company that stands by our morals and know how it feels emotionally and financially to lose a loved one 


Resin, glass domed, or fine silver signature collection? can't decide see here 
 tracked and traced delivery half price

When you order we will send you out a kit and form if you are in the UK if abroad please see the FAQ page on how to send precious ashes.