Unique and handcrafted with love for YOU. Be sure to order ahead of Mothers day.


Memorial jewellery

February offer of the month FREE (with the purchase of any pendant) always my angel pendant with semi precious sodalite and ashes.See in products for the info. Offer ends 1st March. 

cremation jewellery  


Each piece of cremation jewellery is handcrafted with love and tells its own little story that is personal to YOU. I have been creating special keepsakes for over 5 years now and it is as emotional for me to craft as it is for you to receive.  This is a very personal business and from start to finish you will only deal with me, and your precious loved ones ashes will only pass through my hands. 
I also keep my prices affordable for everyone whilst still offering sterling silver pendants and jewellery handcrafting skills that will bring you something beautiful and unique. As I know all to well what a hard time emotionally and financially losing a loved one can be. 
Please note I can also do hair or fur in most of the bases in this collection, please inbox me. 
If you are looking for a special gift for someone who doesn't wear a lot of jewellery then I also have art keepsakes too which also contain loved ones ashes. 
 If you would like to know more about who is making your keepsakes please feel free to visit the "about us" page. 
Turn around times can vary from 2-5 weeks depending on item chosen.  
All items are sterling silver. 
Please note cremation ashes all vary from coarse to fine or powdery, dark to light so each piece may look a little different. Most images have been made from my pooches ashes which were coarse to medium coarse and a mix of white and pale brown. 
Please make sure you remove rings and pendants while showering, washing up or using chemicals and follow the instructions on the FAQ page
For sending guide please see our FAQ page for all the information here 


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