Trendy style - Stunning boho ashes crystal point and orb pendants - everyday wear

cremation jewellery

Why have we gone all boho for next season? 

I am the kind of girl that likes her jeans and jumpers. I wanted precious keepsakes that go with what I wear daily that I don't have to fiddle about with chains and clasps. Slip it over my head adjust the length and off I go. 

Wow what can I say all the crystal points and orbs are our absolute favourites, why? because it is easy to wear, great for daily wear, you can adjust it to what you are wearing from long to short, they contain the most amount of precious ashes out of all our jewellery range, and some have a beautiful sparkle a little bit of wearable art that you don't have to be as careful with as sterling silver bases and they are not as fiddly either, and great if you have metal allergies as the only metal is a small 6mm slider closure bead, so lots of pluses with this collection.   

These are my absolute favourite and my top choice of daily wear which is why I have given them their own collection page. 

These also have a turn around time of ONLY TWO WEEKS compared with our silver bases collections so if you want one for a special gift and you have left it till the last minuet then this would be perfect. This is subject to change around the Christmas period. 

To see how to send precious ashes please see our FAQ page for information.