Beautiful modern - Fine silver cremation jewellery.

cremation Ashes jewellery fast delivery 

This collection has a faster turn around time of 2 weeks 

This stunning modern style collection is pure 99.9% fine eco-friendly silver and crafted by hand. 

Precious ashes of your loved one are gently indented into the silver giving the piece a hammered modern look and finish, finer ashes are also sprinkled within the silver encapsulating them forever. 

The imprint is unique to your loved one, like a fingerprint, how coarse or fine ashes are will be how deep the imprint is. We call these the feel-able keepsake, they are nice to touch and rub feeling the imprint and surface more so than other jewellery such as glass or resin. Personally for me I find it a comfort.   

These stunning pieces are fine for you to wear in the shower or bath as they are totally silver, no glass or resin which will need to be removed. Ideal if you want a keepsake that you want to keep on always. (bracelets and pendants with Swarovski dangles best to remove though) 

Just simply polish with a silver polishing cloth. 

We especially love the bracelets they can be worn casual or dressed up and come in many colours, ideal for comfort and ease and can be adjusted to your size. Wear and go on-trend style for a new era in keepsake jewellery by Sentimental keepsake. In style and as unique as you. The videos of these bracelets are also on our Instagram page.