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Prezzies for friends - sentimental letterbox gifts

Letterbox gifts for friends UK

Times are tough right now, so to have a little unexpected gift in the post can really make our day, and here at sentimental keepsake we are all for lifting people up and bringing a little happiness and it is such a lovely thing to do to make someones day in an unexpected way. 

Most Boxes will fit straight through their letterbox too. They will come in pink or blue sealed with a little sticker saying it's the little things. 

Our packaging is cool too, pink or blue boxes with a cool inside lid design and tissue paper. 

Wow we are so super excited about doing these and super happy for those receiving them, we really hope it cheers them up or brings comfort depending on the box and thank you to the lovely friends that will be sending them. Life is about building one another up and kindness counts for so much. 

I also run a gift the giver competition at the end day of every month where I put all customers from that month into a draw and I gift a giver a surprise box should they win. This is something I like to do to show my own kindness and appreciation which is why I started this business ... much love. xxx

To see how prezzies with friends started visit the  blog  

It's the little things

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