Lock of hair or fur jewellery

Keepsake jewellery

Anyone who knows me knows that my furever friends hugo and max a chorkie and a chihuahua mean the world to me. So for me there is something really special and personal about locks of fur keepsakes. Knowing that now they are both old timers and inevitably we shall be separated in the future to have a lock of their fur is so meaningful. Although I know we will never truly be separated. 

I have also made locks of hair jewellery from loved ones who have passed and a child's lock of hair. 

It is also quite nice to add a lock of your own hair entwined with a loved ones in a special piece of jewellery. 

For how to send hair or fur please see the FAQ page. 

Please note very fine white or blonde hair or fur may be difficult to see but at least will still be present. If it is coarse then it will show up better.