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SPECIAL FAMILY OFFER - 3 LOVE ashes pendants - ending soon

SPECIAL FAMILY OFFER - 3 LOVE ashes pendants - ending soon

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When we have new products coming out we like to offer them to our customers for a heavy discount because we don't yet have a sample made for photographing with precious ashes. 

This pendant is stunning and I am sure will become one of our favourite items. 

Comes with an 18" chain and this offer is for 3. 

All sterling silver

RRP- £99.99 per pendant 

you will get 3 for £160  including postage. 

Yours to treasure  in 4-6 weeks

Please see all our products to visualise what the ashes will look like in this beautiful base

When you order you will be sent an order form and you can pop along to our colour chart page and pick a translucent colour or the stunning grade AAA Bello opals at no extra cost. Bello opal would look a stunning choice