semi-precious Breast Milk and Cremation Ashe's charm beads.

Our semi-precious collections are SK signature keepsakes for an alternative style. We have worked with gemstone for many years in jewellery design. And now we have incorporated them into our keepsake line. 

We have a wide range available. We love to work with semi-precious gemstones as the colours and design of each and every stone is totally unique and make these beads also have an arty feel to them. 

Not just a semi-precious keepsake, with your own materials it will be a precious keepsake to treasure always. 

We are sure you will love this unique collection as much as we love to make them. 

For ashes, Your loved one's ashes are carefully placed grain by grain around the gemstone. People choose semi-precious gemstones for a number of different reasons. Either they like the colours or the mystical meaning behind the specific stone or some because they represent a birthdate. 

We have many different ones such as Rhodonite, Tigers Eye, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz (which we may add cherry quartz is not actually a gemstone but glass, not many people know this and it is the only non-gemstone of our collection, but nevertheless rather beautiful), Amethyst, Amazonite, Mookaite Jasper, Picture Jasper, Ukanite, citrine, Snowflake obsidian and Turquoise. 

Breast milk beads, we chemically preserve your breast milk and once preserved it will then turn into stone which is then carved into little chips and placed alongside the gemstone chips. We go to great lengths to professionally and chemically preserve your own breast milk.  

These really are something very special and presently totally unique on the keepsake market. Honoring a loved one with semi-precious gemstones makes for a lovely tribute. 

Also, it is possible for us to add dehydrated placenta or umbilical cord fragments, please choose from the drop-down menu. 

Please also note we give FREE UK postage as we ask our lovely customers to kindly send precious materials signed for to us 


Please note.... Gemstones all have individual markings. No two are ever the same ... they are totally unique. Photos are for reference. Your bead will look very similar. 

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