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Signature memorial jewellery

Signature Memorial jewellery now has a collection of it's own, this jewellery is extra special to Sentimental Keepsake for many reasons. It is classy and made from fine silver, most silver is 925% this collection is made from 99.9% fine silver. it is durable and you can leave it on unlike resin or glass which needs removing and has many special care instructions. 
My lovely customers and myself included are now opting for ashes into silver, it is sleek and and will go with anything. 
Jewellery without the worry of forgetting to take it off or sun damage. 
We started this collection with the Hugo's heart pendant 14 Months ago - with a £5 donation of every Hugo's heart sold going to foal farm animal rescue. 
A cutting edge and up to date style for cremation jewellery. It has a hammered look with the unique imprint of your loved ones ashes on the surface and within the ashes are finely scattered thought the silver before it is fired, polished and gift boxed just for you. 
Our top choice of memorial jewellery 
Check out our bracelets too, if you like your Sabo or Tresor styles you will love them.
Signature collection also has a 7 to 14 day turn around from when we receive precious ashes ... busy season may be longer please ask if unsure.  
We also include a FREE ashes gift of an ashes pocket heart from 17/10/21, when you order on the form we send you can tick yes please or no thank you. We also include a few little surprise treats for you too. We like to make our little heart business personal for you.