BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS START FROM 20/11/20 TO 27/11/20 Precious ashes jewellery - the breastmilk artist - lettter box gifts - precious art with cremains for a unique tribute and everlasting keepsake.

The breast milk artist

Breast milk art keepsakes

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks 

Wow what can I say? Mum's this is a new era in breast milk keepsakes, if you are looking for something a little more unique to remember your breastfeeding journey that wont get lost or damaged then look no further we certainly are unique. 

Breast milk jewellery

We decided as a company to go down an art route and not so much jewellery as art is our passion and we wanted originality, however we will do you a piece of jewellery FREE with an art work that is 16" or over in which you will be a slinky charm bead. 

So why art over jewellery? like we said originality, the breast milk artist is the first to have  designed these special art pieces, they can be handed down the generations and will not be lost or misplaced unlike jewellery. 

You also get a short private video clip of your milk going into the artwork. 

We have been professionally preserving Mum's milk now for many years in jewellery, now we have the art. 

Most of our art pieces are wooden rounds on iron stands, they are super sparkly and with a 3d appearance which we do our best to try and pick up in a video and picture, but to see the finished product in person ... wow... its super sparkly. 

Made with many coats and layers of quality resin, glitter and sparkle. each piece depending on size can take between 2-4 days to make and an extra day setting when your precious liquid gold goes in. 

At the moment during a difficult year these pieces are heavily discounted until 2021, if you see a piece you like that has sold out we can recreate it for you, please bear in mind each art piece is unique so it wont be totally identical but as close to the original as is possible. 

We will need 15ml of precious breast milk, we can work with less so don't worry. When you purchase an art piece we will send you out a tube in which to send your breast milk back to us. (if you are outside the UK please see the FAQ page on sending breast milk). 

Seriously Mum's you won't find anything more unique to represent your breastfeeding journey and remember a super special bond and time in your life. 

To view our Instagram page click here. 

should you want a piece of jewellery please check out one of our amazing students work at mothers love jewellery 

Much love to you all 

The breast milk artist xxx 


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