At Sentimental Keepsake, we pride ourselves on our gemstone collections. They are what we are essentially known for. As a jewellery designer, before embarking on keepsakes I mainly designed jewellery using semi-precious gemstones. The main reason for my love of gemstone jewellery is all the bright, beautiful and natural colours that the stones produce as they are not man-made. Each and every bead or stone is completely different. 

Mystical meanings and healing properties.  

Many people believe that gemstones hold special powers and healing properties for both the mind and body.  I am not totally sure what I believe when it comes to gemstones and their mystical powers. But never the less, you never know. I do sometimes wear a certain stone just in case. And the fact I am a little bit of a hippy at heart and stones that are deemed to bring love harmony and balance etc... is something that appeals to me. So whether it be for their bright and beautiful colours and markings or their special powers the choice is yours. 

We have included gemstone meanings on each product for you for reference. 

What we have on offer

Gemstone stretch bracelets. 

We have semi-precious gemstone stretch bracelets for both breast milk and cremation ashes. These come in different styles and are made to measure for you. The keepsake bead breast milk or ashes are 8mm, the gemstone beads you can choose to have 6mm or 8mm. We also like to add Swarovski Crystals and pearls to these just to give them something a little extra special. The gemstone stacker bracelets are 6mm and 8mm rounds. The breast milk or cremation ash bead is capped with sterling silver. 

We make these with the strongest stretch cord on the market today (video for reference) They are super classy and unique. 

They are also versatile, wear them for smart or casual and very comfortable. 

Please note; when you purchase gemstone items please bear in mind that each stone has its own unique markings and that images are for reference. 



Gemstone charm beads 

Our beautiful range of gemstone charm beads is very unique. They come with a vast range of gemstone choice. For cremation ashes tribute charm beads, we have 3 different sizes. They have 925 silver cores. Each grain of precious loved one's ash is strategically placed by hand around the semi-precious gemstone nuggets within the mould, they are left to cure for a few days then sanded and polished before the 925 silver cores are added.  

Some people often pick a certain gemstone because of the colour and markings and others may choose a stone because of the mystical meanings and healing properties. No matter what the reason behind your choice these little charms really make for a special little keepsake for yourself or a loved one. 

Please note; cremation ashes all differ in how they look. Some are dark and fine and others are coarse and white. The ones used in the photos are made from coarse and white ash from my beloved pooch Arnie. 

For breast milk and gemstone charm beads, your very own breast milk is chemically preserved and sets to a stone-like material which is then made into chips or nuggets which are hand placed inside the mould on top of the gemstone nuggets, the beads are left to cure for a few days then de-moulded, sanded, polished and the 925 silver cores then added.   


Ancient Turquoise is one of our favourite stones with its wonderful colour and brown and cream mottled markings.One of the oldest stones in history, It is said to be a stone for protection and luck and dates back to 3200 BC when it was mined by the Egyptians. It was made into jewellery and said to be the talisman of Kings and warriors, hence it was used to adorn Tutankhamun's mask.


                            THE BOHO CHIC COLLECTION ... COMING SOON