Every keepsake made tells it's own beautiful story. We have a number of products available for Christmas delivery including art, some will be after, feel free to ask if you are unsure. We will be closing the Christmas orders on the 2nd of December.

About us

My name is Debbie and although the title suggests there is more than one of us making your precious keepsakes, it is for the time being just myself making and my younger daughter helping with the paperwork side. 

I started off jewellery designing about 9 years ago now. I decided that I wanted to make more personal and meaningful items for people, so almost 6 yrs ago, I started doing memorial pieces with cremation ashes and hair/fur. I have had some wonderful customers and some beautiful letters, cards, and feedback that just warmed my heart. I feel it is as emotional for me to make as it is for you to receive, and I have had the privilege of hearing some wonderful stories, and some sad and heartfelt stories that have really humbled me - it has been an honour to make each and every piece. 

Each and every piece holds it's own beautiful story and is unique to you. 

All materials are respected, name tagged and preserved on the day I receive them until I am ready to start your order. I always keep materials separate and I deal with one customer order at a time. I have had many experiences from previous jobs dealing with bagging and tagging and ensuring all details are accurate down to the finest detail. Previous employers have been the Met police and I was a phlebotomist with the NHS for a number of years. So I hope that may bring a little more reassurance. 

I have also suffered a lot of loss in my own life, my Mum to cancer and my Dad who took his own life, grandparents and family pets, so I have a complete understanding of how people may be feeling at an emotional time in their life. 

I am also a mother who knows the importance of bonds between mother and child. I adore my girls. Thea who is 23 and Page who is 22, wow, how time flys.

I am letting you know some personal info about me happily and freely, as due to the nature of my business you guys let me into a little of your world when I make a keepsake for you, as you are sending materials that you hold close and entrusting me, so for me to give a little of myself back to you is important and hopefully make you see a real person is making your keepsake rather than a nameless faceless person on the big wide web.

We have loved ones cremation ashes keepsakes. We make these keepsakes with love and respect as we know first hand what an emotional time losing a loved one can be. These keepsakes are as emotional for us to make as they are for you to receive, It has been such an honour to make for our customers and your lovely feedback and personal stories have really warmed our hearts.

We have one of the largest selections available online, so hopefully you will find something to suit your personal style. We have a small selection of breast milk keepsakes for Mum's wanting to cherish that bonding journey and keep a memento from that special time in life and hold it close forever. Made with love by you, and crafted with love by us. A small family run business Mum and Daughter. We also think Mums should know how their breast milk is preserved as its a fascinating process. You can view the method here. For sending guides and customisation information please see our FAQ page. Our turn around times depend on the items ordered, so between 4-6 weeks usually sooner. 

Below is a picture of my Big babies Thea & Paige, now and then and my fur babies Hugo & Max <3 and me. Three girls together that will hopefully become Sentimental Keepsake & Daughters. To see a more personal account from the heart please see https://sentimentalkeepsake.co.uk/blogs/the-keepsake-diaries/international-womens-day-2018-my-own-story 

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