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Colour chart.

We have a range of colours available for your little keepsakes. So this page makes it easier for you to choose. If you see a colour you like but it is not listed with your chosen jewellery just pop us a note in when sending precious materials of your colour choice. 


Our translucent colours are super stunning and subtle with a 3D look to your keepsake jewellery. You can also have some sparkle added to them. Please note that depending on ashes coarseness and colour this can lighten or darken the tint. 

Emerald Green 


The pink is best with coarse whiter ash, sometimes fine dark ash can darken the colour more than the other translucent colours. We have rose or bright pink, for rose we add a little less tint and for bright we add more. 

Azure blue

cremation ashes cufflink

Baltic Amber

Solid colours 

Our solid colours are not 3D in appearance, ashes are set onto a base colour and topped with a clear coat of resin which make the ashes stand out more obviously. 

Aegean blue  

cremation ashes jewellery cremation ashes ring

Bali Blue/Green

cremation jewellery


cremation jewellerycremation ashes cheap


cremation ashes jewellery

Orchid Pink

cremation ashes jewelry

Angel Blue 

Angel Blue is a pale pearly blue with opal flakes that sparkle in the light and fine glitter dust. 

cremation ashes jewellerycremation ash jewellery

Ultramarine Blue 

cremation jewellery