Design your own pyramid inclusion list and colour charts.

Mica powder solid colours. 

For 3 layers of solid colour large 2 medium

(please note if you would like for example clementine then clementine again with a slightly lighter version we can mix all colours with a little white so you can have the same shade) 

Also you can have the same colour in one two or 3 layers you dont have to pick different. 

Glitter colours pick 3 for large or the same for all 3 lines or 2 for medium 


The two translucent colour layers for ashes

please pick from the mica powder colours, we ever so slightly tint them so you can see the precious ashes. 

Gemstones for the clear top

tigers eye (brown and gold)

rose quartz (very pale pink)

sodalite (blue/white mottled)

lapis lazuli (blue)

obsidian (black)

Amethyst (lilac/purple)

Aquamarine (very pale blue)

 A plaque, in memory of my - Mom, Dad, husband, grandparents etc...

Im afraid we cant get hold of the UK spelling Mum, but we can do a little Mum heart, or a with me always heart. 

Pick one 

Add a photo to the base - no bigger than 13x13 cm or smaller