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Footprint and handprint jewellery

     Footprint and handprint jewellery. 

We are happy that we have now found this wonderful business to collaborate with. As we do not sell these wonderful keepsakes. We have found Allison from Connor and William . Wonderful keepsake designs from baby foot and handprints to your forever friend pawprints. 

fingerprint jewelleryfingerprint jewelleryfootprint jewellery

To view all of Allison's wonderful creations please click here for her website. 

We are also happy to announce that we will be collaborating with Allison who has many years experience and doing rings and pendants with both foot or handprint and breast milk cabochon. We will keep you informed on social media. Facebook   Instagram and Twitter. 


If you have prints to use eg Handprints, Footprints, Ultrasound scans, children's artwork:
These may be ink, inkless or paint prints on paper from hospitals, nursery school or those you have taken yourself at home.
You may email Allison a jpeg or pdf copy of the prints/image that you would like to have captured on a piece of jewellery.  If you cannot do this, you just need a good photocopy of your prints mailed to her.
Allison has worked from paper prints, impressions in clay, photos of hands or feet and also fingerprints on paper.