Learn to make memorial jewellery, easy online course

how to make cremation jewellery

Make your own memorial jewellery 

If you prefer  not to send away precious ashes and would like to learn how to make your own for your friends and families, and have keepsakes made with your own hands and heart sooner rather than later, we have a basic easy to learn course online at a heavy discount for you due to the current circumstances. 

(no creative experience necessary, one of our students was so over the moon, made the perfect pendant from a mix of her Mum and fur babies ashes on her first attempt, she decided to go on and make a business out of doing precious  keepsakes for others) 

All materials used are listed and places where you can buy them. No heavy machinery or expensive tools needed. 

(some of the materials links may not be viable as these suppliers change there links regularly but they still trade so you will be able to find what you are looking for on their websites) 

Easy to follow along stop and start at your own leisure, as soon as you order here then you will be online straight away. We have had many people on the course go on to open successful business too if that interests you.  All for only £39.99. 

(This price does not include materials, these you will need to buy. When i first started out, I started making charm beads until I raised more funds, you can buy the resin, bead moulds etc for under £40 which will make many charm beads) 

The course will teach you how to make, charm beads, rings and pendants etc... 

Also a few selling tips if you wish to sell. 

We will be on hand for a text or phone call for ongoing support for up to a year after your course. 


Please note this course is not setting you up in business, although many have gone into business from doing the course, We give limited tips on setting up and marketing etc,,, if you want help and advice on branding and marketing check out this wonderful website insight2marketing 



Feedback around the web 

Laura (fb) 

I have just finished the course for cremation and memorial jewellery and it was perfect! The videos are so clear and informative and every step was carefully explained and demonstrated. I especially appreciate all of the little extras such as the materials list or the videos on starting a business and selling keepsakes. I contacted Debbie many times during the course, asking her millions of questions and she was friendly and helpful every single time. Even when the questions were way beyond what was included in the course, such as how to get hold of materials outside of the UK. This is not just a truly complete and informative course course, Debbie makes each person feel like an individual. I felt like I had, and still have a private tutor helping me learn how to create precious art. Thank you!!!

Rozeena (fb)

Hi everyone just a little review on this course. What can I say it’s absolutely fantastic. Everything is so clear and easy to understand it’s almost as if I am in a classroom and Debbie is teaching in person right in front of me I don’t think it could be much better everything is so easy to understand .I haven’t made anything yet as I’m fitting everything in between work so have just started ordering materials today. I am looking forward so much to making my first piece knowing that Debbie is always there for advice. Any questions I have are always answered straight away nothing is to much for Debbie.Best wishes to all x


I have now completed 3 courses from the lovely Sentimental Keepsakes and I can honestly say the service, communicate and support was outstanding.

Debbie was available at anytime of the day for any little questions I may have had. These courses have been made fun and enjoyable whilst learning a skill that can create the most beautiful keepsake!

Thankyou Debbie!

Louise (fb) 

I'm currently on the ashes jewellery and breastmilk jewellery courses. I just don't know where to start, they are absolutely fantastic! everything is explained in so much detail, there is no detail omitted! the videos are so clear to understand. I've enjoyed just experimenting and finding my own unique style with resin jewellery. I felt like my creativity was lacking and it just came at the right time for me and has really helped in making me feel fulfilled. Debbie is always on hand if I need to query something. I just couldn't recommend her jewellery or her courses enough!