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MAKING A GEMSTONE CHOICE. Colours and meanings.

      Making a gemstone choice 

We thought we would do a page about our gemstone products and options. We have many choices at Sentimental Keepsake so making a choice is maybe something you could use a little helping hand with. 

We have worked with gemstones in jewellery design for many years, long before we made keepsakes and incorporated them.The reason you will find a great number of products with semi-precious stones is that we love all the colour variations and the mystic meanings the little stones have. Not to mention each gemstone has its own little historical story. So whether you believe in the healing powers of semi-precious stones or like then solely for the colours you can see all the information here. 

cremation ashes  Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a calming stone and some believe it helps aid letting go. Believed to be mermaids treasure and was worn by sailors as a good luck and protection stone.The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua Marinus, meaning "water of the sea," it refers to the sparkling ocean-like colour the stone has. (read more about Aquamarine at https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/aquamarine)

It is associated with the throat chakra and helps with overcoming a fear of speaking in difficult situations..  

We love to work with Aquamarine it also complements light Amethyst or pink Peruvian opal the two colours work well together making for a really pretty combination



 Ancient Turquoise is one of our favourite stones with its wonderful colour and brown and cream mottled markings.One of the oldest stones in history, It is said to be a stone for protection and luck and dates back to 3200 BC when it was mined by the Egyptians. It was made into jewellery and said to be the talisman of Kings and warriors, hence it was used to adorn Tutankhamun's mask.

Our most favourite turquoise product is the charm bead pictured with the large clear Swarovski Crystal. It has the most amazing sparkle when the light hits it and the crystal really makes the turquoise colour stand out. A truly lovely tribute to your loved one. 


 Amethyst is a beautiful little gem some of the stones are quite translucent and others a darker lilac shade.  It is said to be a stone for promoting calmness and inner peace. A stone of power and protection, used in Ancient times to recover from addictions and addictive relationships. We use light amethyst in our charms etc... but if you wanted a darker shade of purple then the Ametrine is a mix between citrine and Amethyst and is a dark purple. It looks really pretty against a breast milk cabochon, we love the cabochon collection with gemstones as it is unique to Sentimental keepsake and something a little different, which is how we like to be known, and with precious ashes, it will complement dark or light.


Mookaite is a favourite of SK for the fact each chip has unique markings and different colours from mustard to beige, cream, brown or burgundy.  It is said to be a stone of the here and now good for helping the wearer to move forward in life and get focused. It is an Australian jasper found in the Mooka Creek. We would like to incorporate it into more products as it is especially stunning. We also hand pick the little stones into a colour combination that is pleasing to the eye. 


Tigers eye is a stunning stone known for its luminescent bands of gold and rich brown tones. It is said to be a stone of protection that is also stabilizing and grounding. Tigers eye dates back thousands of years, the beautiful quartz was carved into talismans by the Ancient Roman soldiers to protect them and give them courage. Tigers eye was not named because of its colour but for the character of the tiger with its courage, strength, and focus. This is one of the most well-known stones that most people have heard of and have maybe owned an item made with tigers eye at some point. 
It really is a stunning choice

Black Obsidian is made from cooled down lava from volcanos, with the energies and elements of earth, water and fire. Used by spiritualists because of its power to heal. A stone of honesty, truth and life.  Obsidian is especially lovely with Swarovski crystals as the colours really stand out against the black of the stones.


Pink Peruvian Opal Is a stunning gemstone. It has markings of beige, light and dark pinks. If you are someone who loves pink you will love this stone. We do try to get the pinker tones into the jewellery, but if you are after a pendant or bead that is very pink in colour we do suggest the Orchid non-gemstone pink as this will have beige tones also. Pink Peruvian Opal is a stone of love kindness and gentleness it also brings inspiration, imagination and creativity. It can help release inhibitions and brings happy dreams. Would also look a nice mix of Amethyst or Aquamarine with pink opal.                              



Kyanite makes for one of the most beautiful charm beads we have made to date. Colours are stunning from light blues to sea greens depending on which light they are under. Kyanite is an aluminium silicate mineral bright crystals that may be transparent or translucent. Kyanite is a crystal of connections. bridging gaps in communication and beliefs, bringing calm and tranquillity. A good energy stone for positivity. You will find we use a lot of Kyanite in our pendant cabochons, the reason being is that the translucent look of some of the stones the ashes can be seen through them. 

Sodalite. Although we do not have many sodalite products for you to see at the moment, sodalite is a really beautiful blue colour stone with cream grey to white mottled markings. It would look exceptional teamed with large sapphire colour Swarovski Crystal with the breast milk cabochon or cremation ashes. It is known as the logic or poets stone. known for helping to clear the mind and expand the ability to come to logical conclusions and helps you express what you want to say in the best possible way. It is also said to be good for people prone to have anxiety or panic attacks.                                                                                   These are just a few of our most popular gemstone choices. But you can do your own research into gemstones if we have missed one out that you wanted to know about. There are many great sites that are really interesting. They also go into all the health benefits for those of you who are interested in that. For some it is a big factor for others it is all about the colour choice. If you have seen any of our products that do not have the combination or colour stone choice you would like. Please let us know as we would be happy to make any colour combination or choice for you. You are not limited to just what we have in product images. We would like to make more examples but we simply can't do that many products for all the combinations possible. If you have a combination in mind that we have not yet done and you would like us to make it we can offer you £5 discount if you would be happy for it to appear on our website. Just send us an inbox to arrange this.