A top rated company for beautiful and affordable keepsakes. We also offer families two for one on SELECT products to make life a little easier for you over the coming weeks due to the cost of living crisis

Our values morals and pricing

When I started making memorial jewellery it was because I wanted my own keepsake to remember my loved one. Nothing was in my price range so I began making keepsakes. I always vowed that when my business started and even when it grew that I would offer pieces that were in everyday peoples price ranges so that everyone could have something in which they can hold close and to bring them comfort, I also vowed to do a number of social media giveaways for people too. I have always stuck by my morals regarding this special little business and I always will as it is close to my heart, I do it from a place of love and the understanding of what people are going through as I am going through it too. 

I don't cut my costs with your jewellery I cut them by way of not having glossy brochures or return postage costs, I think we can all agree that memorial jewellery over the years has become so pricy for everyone to have something they can hold close. 

There is no time limit on how long you should grieve, my only advice is be kind to yourself. 

Talk to loved ones about how you feel, as I've come to learn bottling up pain is not good. If you are ever lost and feel there is no one to talk to, my virtual door is open weather your are buying keepsakes or not, just please don't feel you have nowhere to turn. I am not a councillor but I have a lot of personal experience of grief and doing this business a lot of insight. 

I also hold courses teaching others to make it too via online, which I shall continue to do but has somewhat hindered my values as I have seen my own designed products selling for triple the cost.

Some of our art pieces are more pricy but they uses a lot in materials and take days to produce, but they are a keepsake that will never be lost of misplaced.  

Whatever you choose know it will be made with love and that your loved ones precious ashes will be taken care of, I work alone in this beautiful business so you can be rest assured that your loved ones ashes only pass through my hands. 

We also offer pay in instalments with klarna pay 

My warmest wishes Debbie