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Q&A for e-learning courses.

How to make cremation jewellery and breast milk jewellery Q&A'S

I have made this most asked questions and answers page for you to read before you purchase. I hope you find it helpful and please feel free to email me your questions. 

What happens once I purchase the course? 

Once you purchase the course you will get an email within a day giving you your log in details to an online school. (if you have purchased the early bird offer we will send you this when the course starts ON 8TH APRIL 2020)

Do I need any special skills 

No absolutely not, these courses teach you from a beginners perspective 

Do you teach glass? 

No, these jewellery making courses are rein products

How fast can I set up a business and make money?

Practice makes perfect, you will need to perfect your new skill 100% before you start selling to the public, some people get it after a few weeks of a few hours a day practice, some a little longer. How quickly your business starts to generate an income is down to you, if you have a website or not or you are selling on social media like facebook and instagram, or an etsy page. It will be down to marketing and how social you are getting your product seen by the public It will take some time for you to gain a following and for people to know who you are and what you do. The more social you are in the beginning the better. It takes a few years to grow a successful business and to generate a good full time income, this is the same with any business not just jewellery. 

How much will my course materials cost? 

You can start with just a few moulds, silver bases, resin and pigments for as little as £50 then add to that collection over the coming weeks. I started with a bottle of resin, a charm bead mould and some colour pigments. I earned the money at first by only selling charm beads till I had built up the finds to buy silver bases and grew my business from that. 

A rough estimate if you wanted to learn everything would be £100 to £150 so not much considering it's a business set up. 

Will I be able to buy my supplies if I am not in the UK? 

Yes I have suppliers all over the world and they ship

Will I get a step by step how to set my business up? 

I will be giving business tips and advice in the "how to make keepsake jewellery and set up a lucrative business" course only. I go into how I set my business up and steps I took to make it grow, and some tips for social media and getting your product noticed, but everyone is different so steps I took may not be how you want to work, so what I share is what worked for me to grow my own business over the years. 

Do you give a certificate? 

We don't give certificates at the end of the course. 

Do I have to do the course in a specific time frame? 

No how fast or slow you go is up to you. 

 will I learn how to preserve the breast milk? 

You will learn how to preserve it with sk professional organic powder, unless you have your own method, this is the only method we teach as we are mainly teaching you the jewellery making. We also supply the powder once you purchase the course if you want our method.