work with us and earn.



Want a little extra income? 

Why not work with us as a brand ambassador for our courses. 

Good at sales? gift of the gab as by granny used to say.
Why not become an affiliate
What is an affiliate? an affiliate/brand ambassador as I like to call it is someone who sells on behalf of the business and gets a commission, usually 10% but with us it's £5 on every sale.

Who this would suit... someone who is great with social media and can reach the right target audience, for example a blogger or mummy blogger or someone with their own website where our courses would complement your own business brand and you maybe want to earn a little side income or a lot depending on sales, we don't push you to work. So it is up to you how much you earn off your own visibility and productivity you are your own boss

You are given a link that customers can click through to us, if the customer purchases a course you will earn £5.00 commission paid via paypal. 

How do you advertise? this is up to you, some pop our link in their Instagram bio and some like to do it in stories or posts on Instagram or Facebook some like to pop the link on their own websites. 
You can create little ads in canva or an app called boosted marketing is good too with stylish writing - for example saying - interested in learning how to make ------ etc etc... be as creative as you like the stage is yours, your own little business venture. 

If you wish you can take marketing posts or jewellery photos from our Instagram or website. Or message me and I will forward you photos and posts that you can use. 

So how does it work ... you go along to the podia site keepsake boss  and scroll down to the free course and sign up (free) alternatively click here  as you will need to be enrolled on the free (course) to join the affiliate programme, once you are in this site and logged on go to where it says affiliate. You will be asked to type in your paypal email so you can get paid. 

Once that is set up in there you can see lists of my courses so you can copy the url link you want and advertise making sure it has that link, when YOUR customer clicks the link they go to the course if they buy then £5 commission is yours. We will pay out within 1-2 days if not the same day. It can get quite busy here so we are not glued to our computer 24/7 but we usually check in everyday. 

We do give little incentives at the beginning too, for your first 2 sold courses we will send you a little pamper box with some treats just for you to let you know we appreciate you. 

For 4 sales you get to choose which course of ours you would like for free. 

For 8 sales we will put you on all of our courses for free and any we bring out in the future. 

For 15 sales we will reward you with a £30 H&M voucher. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

(please note don't put out the free course links, as this isn't regarded as a sale my lovelies just the breastmilk jewellery or ashes jewellery whichever you prefer or both, it really is up to you) 


posts like these are a good visual for people this was made on an app called boosted marketing , but please work any way in which works best for you.